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Implementing the Strategic Compass Survey Report

In early March 2010 CACSL surveyed our network to obtain their guidance as to the priorities for CACSL action.  The survey’s two pronged approach asked for priorities as well as expressions of interest for being actively involved.  The engagement of members demonstrated by their becoming directly involved highlights the commitment of CSL practitioners to the vitality of Canada`s CSL community.  There were 45 respondents to the survey with staff at universities and colleges comprising the largest segment.

Results Highlights

All proposed activities were deemed of high or medium priority. Many projects have several volunteers while other options will need to be considered for others. 

Green Light Projects

The activities below received sufficient active participation to establish action teams.  Team volunteers have been contacted, and they are their planning processes.  New volunteers are still welcome.  Contact geri@communityservicelearning.ca for more information.

Yellow Light Projects

Other activities, while deemed important by the network, had too few volunteers for a robust team.   Creative options for each activity need to be considered individually.  Your ideas are welcome.

Respondent Suggestions

Many respondents took the opportunity to suggest ideas.  The Steering Committee was able to incorporate the suggestions into the existing activities. 

There`s still time to volunteer for any of the teams. Email geri@communityservicelearning.ca

Detailed survey results to follow.