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Impact of Community Service-Learning for Rural and Remote Communities


Community Service-Learning projects have impacts in many aspects of community.  On May 27, 2010 CACSL and Agriculture Canada`s Rural Secretariat teamed up to share stories of community service-learning project impacts in rural and remote communities across Canada. 

Community Service-Learning Overview

What is it? How does it work? How do I get involved?

The Batawa Project- Carleton University

A brief overview of a multi-disciplinary, multifaceted, multiyear community, private, and university partnership.

Supporting Rural Communities- University of Sherbrooke

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An overview of University of Sherbrookes integrated approach in using Community Service Learning to engage with communities.

The Science Ambassador Program- University of Saskatchewan

Science majors invest in making science fun and relevant one community at a time.

Service Learning: Scholarship, Community, and Student Experience- College of New Caledonia (Kwantlan Polytechnic University).  See the community accomplishments of 8 library and airport projects by accounting students.

Making the Links- University of Saskatchewan

College of Medicine Students learn firsthand about serving the medical needs in underserved communities. 

UBC- Sauder School of Business Community Service-Learning Projects

Business students contribute to the capacity of rural communities while learning the realities of community economic development.

Constance Lake Solar Voltaics Study- Queen`s University

Queen`s students contribute to the establishment of a community-led solar photovoltaic project.

From Marginalization to Community- Bert Bowes Jr. Secondary

Community Service-Learning shows promise in a creative use as a stay in school initiative in Fort St. John`s.

Engage in Dialogue

Comments or questions about CSL in rural and remote communities, about the specific projects, or tell us about your project- what was the need, what did you do, and what were the outcomes and learning?