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Strategic Compass

Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning (CACSL)

(as of January 15, 2010)


CACSL purpose

Create networking and awareness-raising opportunities for community service-learning in Canada.

Vision (our preferred future)

Supporting partnerships and programs for meaningful learning that contribute to positive social, environmental, economic and cultural transformation in Canadian communities and post-secondary institutions.


CACSL is a national alliance established to support the active participation of students, educators and communities in community service-learning (CSL) by:


CACSL Believes:

CACSL Encourages:


CACSL values:

Areas of focus for achieving the vision

Organizational governance

Staffing and other resources

Suggested ongoing activities

Suggested projects

The CACSL Strategic Compass was created by the CACSL Steering Committee and other CSL stakeholders during a teleconference on October 16, 2009 and subsequent follow-up with CACSL members in late 2009. Feedback from the Pan-Canadian CSL Symposium (October 9, 2009) is also incorporated into the Compass.

The Strategic Compass is a living document. It can be reviewed and revised anytime by any CACSL member in conjunction with the Steering Committee. Please get in touch: info@communityservicelearning.ca

Priority projects and activities to be determined by member consultation.